10 packing tips every traveler should know

Are you going on a tour of one of your favourite destinations? So, what things are you gonna carry?

Are you in dilemma about the things to pack? Are you worried that you might forget a few important things to carry on with you?

Mention not. Just go through the text below. 

I’m sure you’ll get the most satisfying answers to all your queries.

  1. Make a list of the things that you need to pack

This is the very first step that a traveller needs to take in order to make his / her journey enjoyable and memorable.

If you are really worried that you might forget a few of the essential things to take with yourself, it’s better that you make a brief list of those things.

For this, you need to be active, i.e. you better work from weeks before your departure towards your destination.

This will help you think of all the things that you might require during the leave and you be fully sure that you don’t forget a single piece of paper to be taken along.


  1. Just Roll. Don’t FOLD

Majority of the travel experts – including the admirable backpackers, who need to carry a whole months’ clothing within a single small bag, prefer rolling in comparison to folding.

When talking about the packing of clothes, especially as a preparation of your tours & outings, do you know which one would be the better way of keeping your clothes in proper conditions?

Well, it’s a very common fact that the tightly rolled clothes occupy comparatively less space than the folded ones. This enables you to pack a number of clothes within a small bag/luggage.  

Similarly, there’s a very less chance of getting deep wrinkles from the folding creases, in case of the tightly rolled clothes.

Thus, packing the clothes by rolling them can also be helpful in keeping them decent and tidy with well-maintained creases.


  1. Be Well-Acknowledged about  the Baggage-Fee Policy of the   Airline that You Might Hire for Your Journey

A budget-minded traveller always traces out the tricky and befuddling Baggage-fee policies of the airline that he/she will be hiring for his/her travel.

Meanwhile, most of the airlines allow their passengers to carry at least one bag on each international flights. The majority of the United States carriers charge big bucks that are checked on domestic flights.

Thus, we better recommend you to take a look at the website of your airline and read its baggage-policy before you begin packing.

Consider flying on such an airline that permits at least one free checked bag on domestic flights.


  1. Keep In Mind 3 – 1 – 1 Rule

Have you ever imagined what would happen with you when you don’t follow the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) 3 – 1 – 1 rule for the carry-on-luggage?

You’ll get your stuff confiscated by the TSA if you attempt to bring a bottle of shampoo or a full-size gel-deodorant through the security line.

You can be made to wait in line during the process.

Thus, it’s better to get familiar with the rule of the agency.

The rule of the agency states that whatever liquid brought onto planes must be in bottles not exceeding 3.4 ounces and inside a single, clear and quart-size zip-top bag.

Keeping 3 – 1 – 1 rule in your mind can be much more helpful to you. You can be well- aware of what type of things are considered as liquids or gels.

Well, it sounds to be very simple but in reality, it isn’t so.

Many types of foods like peanut, butter, pudding, mashed-potatoes and icing are classified as liquids or gels according to the TSA.

But, in this case, you must be well-aware that liquid prescription medication is an exception.


  1. Use Your Personal Item Wisely

Every airline permits each and every traveler to bring at least one carry-on bag and one personal item.

In this case, the size of the personal item differs according to the airline but that can be easily accepted if that is a purse, a laptop-bag or a backpack.

It is well suggested to bring a larger tote bag that can be easily slashed under the seat. With this, all the things can be within the arm’s reach during the flight.

Thus, it is wiser to replace you bulky luggage with a larger tote-bag when you travel by plane.


  1. Wash Your Clothes On the Way

Laundry facilities come to be a major topic of discussion especially when we talk about staying out of the home in the vacation rentals.

You may be lucky enough if you get laundry facilities along with your accommodation. If so, you could get a handful of your clothing washed and then enjoy wearing them even for the very long trips.

If you are staying in a hotel, we suggest you better call in advance to check if the available laundry services are cheap or costly. It’s advisable to carry a travel-size laundry-detergent and a sink-stopper so that you can wash your clothes even on the road.

Portable laundry-drying lines that attach to showers via suction cups can also be a good choice; they can be found at many travel-supply stores.


  1. Pack Dual-Purpose Garments

Prefer packing such garments that can be used for two or more purposes.

Dual-purpose items like pants and jackets can be preferable ones as they are worth their weight in airline baggage fees.


  1. Layer

It is advised that you should be in and should be prepared to be in two layers of clothing: wear layer and pack-in layers.

First and foremost, your moving wardrobe should feature plenty of layers so that you can keep moving with ease in multiple climatic-conditions.

Next, the items in your bag should be packed in neat layers for easy screening.

TSA states; “Pack items in layers (shoes one layer, clothes one layer, electronics one layer, etc.)”  so that a clear picture of your bag can be obtained while screening your bag to see what’s inside it.

The easier it will be for the security-agent to screen your bag, the faster you’ll be able to get-through the security-line.


  1. Never Check Essential Items

When talking about the safety of your valuable and essential belongings, you are well-advised not to keep them ever in your checked-luggage whenever you are travelling.

Rather, keeping them in your carry-on bag can be the wiser one’s idea.

Everyone is aware of the importance of a passport but what if the airline loses your luggage along with your valuables?

Thus, it’s better to take your passport, identification, money, credit-cards, jewellery, electronics and other valuables onto the plane with you.

  1. Use Packing Aids

Eagle Creek Compression Sacs can be your best support in case of packing.

You can use them and shrivel your clothes into vaccum-packed tiny, tight bundles. In this way, you can fit your clothes in your suitcase within a minimum space.

You can also use packing envelopes and packing-cubes, if you wish to.