Orlando – the Best Place to Enjoy the Halloween Nights

Halloween, a well-known celebration in Orlando, is enjoyed every year in the month of October. This popular festival is also regarded as the ‘Christmas of Orlando’. The people of Orlando don’t get the chance to undergo the Winter Wonderland as that of the people to their North. Thus, we go out in the fall to enjoy the chilling cold.

Halloween Horror Nights

When talking about the rock-shows, Halloween Horror Nights always comes to be the first one to hit our mind.

This festival is the scariest and one of the most exciting and buzzworthy events in the entire country.

Halloween is one of the best celebrations ever enjoyed by the locals. If you wish to experience the creepiest moments of your life, head on towards Orlando on any day between 15th of September to 4th of November and you surely get a chance to make your offs memorable for the lifetime.

You get a chance to take the live-experience of a terrific horror. You can find yourself being surrounded by the bad guys in horror faces coming straight towards you. This gives you the experience of a haunted place.

The live actors in the horror and terrifying make-up and their costumes from the professional-artists who keep wandering around the park add a star to the virtuality of the scene. Thus, you need to hold your heart up before you enter the festival ground.

You don’t need to worry about the shortage of scares and horrors during the Halloween celebration as everything there is live, not the artificial ones. Due to this reason, this celebration is not meant for children.

The scenes in the Halloween Horror Nights seem to unbearably horror.

Thus, the children under the age of 13 are strongly advised to keep away from the entry to the celebration-spot.


You are charged the price you can afford per person for a whole single night. You can buy packages too, for the entry. The only thing you need to mention is that you are not allowed to put any type of mask and/or costume.


Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Although scary in nature, this popular celebration is especially meant for children. This gives a chance to the children to take the experience of the Halloween celebration. It is a family-friendly celebration.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party includes events celebrating the villains of Disney along with many other magic shows and dark acts. Similarly, there rolls a parade throughout the ground which also includes the stars of the Haunted Mansion.


Children dressed up in horror costumes can also enter this event and thereby trick and treat around the park.

At the end of the celebration, they get a chance to enjoy an eye-catching firework show.

A Petrified Forest

Do you wanna see a lonely, single house which is haunted?

If yes, Petrified Forest can be the best one for you. Petrified Forest has been regarded as one of the most scariest and the best halloween events in the Central Florida.

Although rated as PG-13, the children under the age of 12 years can also get an entry to the Petrified Forest if they do have an adult with them. This grand horror show starts on 6th of October and runs for a few weeks. Only the very brave ones are advised to attend this festival as going toe-to-toe with ghouls, zombies and maniacs can be very terrific and daunting.

Trick or Treating

There are a lot of areas around Orlando to go trick or treating. Baldwin Park can be the one if you wish to go trick or treating.

Trick or treating can be the best one if you are looking for the good old-fashioned one. You can see hundreds of parents swarming the area along with their kids as the area is safe and even family-friendly.


Halloween Bar Crawl

If you wanna enjoy more within a limited expense, Halloween Bar Crawl is the best one for you. All you need to do is just purchase the ticket.

Just with the single ticket worth a few dollars, you can gain free cover at all the venues. Similarly, you do also get special drinks and a Halloween t-shirt with this ticket.

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